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IMG 9565The project The Faces of Margraten aims to give as many U.S. soldiers who have been either buried or memorialized on the American War Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands a face. From May 2-5, 2015, the foundation decorated about a third of the crosses and names of these soldiers at the Margraten cemetery with a personal photo. During the 2018 tribute, the third time that the photos were on display, we were able to give a face to over 5,800 soldiers. However, this means that thousands of photos are still missing. We will continue our quest for these missing photos to be able to give a face to these soldiers as well.

Therefore, if you have a personal photo of any of the soldiers who have been either buried in or memorialized at the Margraten Cemetery, please let us know. You can submit any photo, and any other information you may have, to this project through the form below. Information will also be stored in the foundation's Fields of Honor - Database fpr now. In this database, information can be found about the soldiers who have been either buried in or memorialized on the American War Cemeteries in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. In this way, this information will be available for future generations as well. The database can be visited at Of course, the photo will also be on display during a future edition of the tribute. However, please only submit photos that are in your own possession or for which you have acquired permission to submit them to the project from the original source if you do not own the photo.

If you are not sure whether you have a relative who has been buried in the Margraten Cemetery you can search the burial listings for this cemetery, and others, on the website of the American Battle Monuments Commission: Are you still looking for a photo? Then you might want to check out this list of resources

Instead of using the form below, you can also directly submit photos and other information by sending us an email on If you prefer to send us a (copy of) a photo to us through regular mail, please use the address below. Please clearly state if the photo is the original copy. In that case, we will make sure to return the photo to you as soon as it has been scanned for our project.

Fields of Honor Foundation
Stekkenberg 20b
6561 XJ Groesbeek
The Netherlands

Size limit for each file is 25.0 MB


    Would you like to contribute to this project? By donating 10 dollars, you will enable us to give one soldier a face. You can donate via PayPal by clicking the button below or click here to read more.


    The project The Faces of Margraten is a project by the Dutch non-profit Fields of Honor Foundation whose aim it is to remember U.S. soldiers buried in various overseas American cemeteries. For more information please visit or visit our Fields of Honor - Database at