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Photos and videos

Were you not able to visit The Faces of Margraten tribute? We have collected 30 pictures for you that will give you an impression of the 2016 tribute. An impression of this tribute would not be complete without covering our Embracing freedom campaign. Hundreds of visitors shared with us what freedom means to them and embraced that freedom on camera. You will find the photos and videos that were part of this campaign on this page as well.

Photo impression

We have summarized the 2016 tribute in 30 photos. Please take a look at the photo impression by clicking here.

2016 1 2016 3 2016 4

Other than that, local TV station L1 visited the cemetery when the tribute was set up and when we opened the tribute on May 1. They made the following report: click here.

Embracing freedom

Visiting the cemetery reaffirms visitors' awareness that a war like this should never happen again. This year we asked our visitors to embrace freedom. Who do you think of when you think of freedom? In other words: with whom would you like to share your freedom? This site learns us after all that people do not simply share their freedoms with only people they know. We invited vistors to embrace freedom visibly and personally. Visitors embraced freedom by embracing their friends and loved-ones on camera. Moreover, many also left their thoughts on freedom in our guestbook. You are able to find all the photos that have been taken of visitors here (click).

The videos below will show you what it does look like when hundreds of people embrace freedom. Above all, you will learn about what freedom means to them. The videos are available only in Dutch for now.


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